About us

cph is the abbreviation for Copenhagen and the name reflects our Scandinavian roots. The first cph-store opened in 2000 in Bern, the second 2007 in Zurich. Mette Jensen, designer and owner of cph was born and bought up in Denmark and is a graduate of the renowned Danish Kolding School of Design. She designs and produces the label KLÆR which will soon be the core collection in cph. It builds on the concept of EXCLUSIVE FABRICS AND LIMITED EDITIONS. A few carefully chosen other designer brands supplement KLAER. The italian shoe-brand ALBERTO FASCIANI and the Parisian bag-brand STEPHANIE CESAIRE are sold exclusively in cph. Webshop comin soon.

What is beauty? What makes something beautiful? The question of beauty and the beautiful lies at core of cph.

Beauty is a mystery even though we live in a universe that abounds in it. We believe we are created to be beautiful – on the inside and the outside.

Beauty is a mystery but we believe if something is just and sustainable it is beautiful. Our goal is that everything in cph must be beautiful in this sense too.

Beauty is a mystery but we believe we are beautiful if we are loving and considerate. Our calling as a service company is to beauty in this sense. We want to do the very best for you and that is the reason we will never say something looks good on you if it doesn’t.